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Baby Storytimes

Since I started at my library about a year and a half ago, I’ve been the sole leader of Lap Sit, our 0-23 month group. From my coworkers and other librarians, I’ve heard a lot of nervousness about leading storytimes for infants, so I thought I would share a general outline for my 20 minute Lap Sit.
A couple of quick tips first:
– Sometimes I’ll do themes and sometimes I won’t, but I don’t worry at all about having songs about the same topic. Babies don’t care and parents might notice or appreciate it, but in around 300 storytimes, I have never had an adult comment one way or another on a theme.
– It’s ok to change what you do throughout the week! I do anywhere from 2 to 6 storytimes a week and sometimes a song or a book will totally bomb on Monday so I’ll skip it next time.
– On the other hand, don’t worry about doing the exact same thing throughout the week! I have a couple families who come to multiple storytimes a week and are happy to do the same songs and stories again.
– Finally, just remember that your audience is full of babies! I never worry about how much my group is paying attention. I always say as long as 75% of my group is paying attention at any given time, that’s pretty good.
On to the Lap Sit! Here is a general outline I’ve been using with great success:
Opening Song (changes every week)
Finger play (I use a rotation of 3)
Finger play #2
Book #1
3-4 songs
Book #2
3-4 songs
Book #3 (only if total chaos hasn’t yet set in)


Goodbye song

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