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What I Read This Week 7/16

The Real Wonders of the World, Moira Butterfield/Lonely Planet
This is exactly the kind of book I would have loved in elementary and middle school–big pictures and fun facts.
Extraordinary Jane, Hannah E. Harrison
This is probably my #1 favorite picture book. I’m amazed by the illustrations every time I read it. They’re so detailed that it doesn’t make the best read aloud, but I think it could be done. It also has an Accelerated Reader level of 2.4, for kids whose schools use AR.
Back to School Tortoise, Lucy M. George
This is a great book for kids who are nervous about starting school. It really normalizes being nervous without making school seem scary. Another bonus–it doesn’t use the word kindergarten, so it’s good for preschool, elementary school, and kids who don’t like talking about kindergarten.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Judi Barrett
Another favorite of mine. It’s pretty long for a picture book so it’s not a great read aloud but it is great for kids who love silly stories and/or pictures. It’s a 4.3 on the AR scale or an M for Guided Reading.
Gaston, Kelly DiPucchio
Hilarious read aloud or personal reading. The illustrations are really unique and it has a sweet message. I think all kids would like it, but it would be especially good for adopted kids or kids who don’t necessarily look like their families. It’s a 2.8 on the AR scale.
Zorro Gets an Outfit, Carter Goodrich
The third in a series about two dogs. It’s a funny story and can also start a conversation about worrying and/or confidence.
Ten Rules of Being a Superhero, Deb Poultry
I liked the illustrations in this one. Also, I love Batman and Superman as much as the next librarian, but I think kids would like to see a superhero who looks like them and has problems like them.
Dragons Love Tacos, Adam Rubin
I fundamentally disagree with the plot of this book–I think dragons would love spicy tacos! However, I suppose the author is entitled to artistic license and kids always love it.
A Boy and His Bunny (followed by: A Girl and Her Gator and A Bear and His Boy), Sean Bryan
I love these for read alouds. The rhyming is really fun, they’re not too long, and you can ask kids all sorts of silly questions while you read (i.e. What would you wear if you had a gator in your hair?)
Book-O-Masks: A Wearable Book, Donald Lemke
I’m not sure I will use these during storytime since it’s a little tough to turn pages, hold the book up, and have kids grabbing all at the same time, but I’m still going to order a set for our library. Kids-especially toddlers- LOVE the silliness of covering up your face, even if they don’t what all the masks are. The rest of the series is: Book-O-Teeth, Book-O-Beards, and Book-O-Hats.

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