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ABCs at Storytime

Everybody at our library, no matter the age group, sings the ABCs at their storytimes. Older kids always seem to enjoy singing a song the recognize and I like to tell my parents with infants that even though babies can’t recognize letters yet, it’s important to teach them that those funny shapes on the page make different sounds. Anyway, our alphabet board gets so much use and is shared among storytimes (during the school year) upwards of 19 times a week, that it has gotten pretty ragged:

Corners are bent, it won’t stay on the easel, and we wanted the letters to be a little less “cartoon-y”.
Enter: my latest project:
This board is bigger, the letters are a full inch taller, and the pink background only hurts to look at a little bit. It’s just the side of a large cardboard box covered in leftover bulletin board paper so I’m hoping it will last for a little while until I can get my hands on some corrugated plastic (the stuff campaign signs are made out of).

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