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What I Read This Week 9/25

Duncan the Story Dragon by Amanda Driscoll
This is a really cute story about a dragon who loves books but gets so excited when he reads that he can’t seem to hold in his fire! Kids will like the silliness of all the other animals being scared of Duncan until he finds someone who loves books as much as he does. This would be a great story for story time as well as bed time.
My Mouth Is a Volcano! by Julia Cook
This is a great book for getting kids to think about interrupting without being too preachy. I think kids who have a lot to say could really relate to the main character. And even if the child in question doesn’t struggle with waiting his or her turn to speak, it’s still an entertaining story.
Hello Goodbye and a Very Little Lie by Christianne Jones
I didn’t intend to pick two “lesson books” this week, but this one had really cute illustrations so I couldn’t resist. Making up stories is a totally normal phase for toddler, but I’m sure parents would agree that kids should learn why it’s important to tell the truth. This would be a great story for kids trying to learn that lesson but also for kids who just like silly animal stories.
Lost For Words by Natalie Russell

Not a new book, but I came across it again today and remembered how much I love it. The main character, Tapir, has wonderfully talented friends but cannot figure out what makes him special. His journey has bright, unique illustrations and a great ending. This would be a wonderful bed time story especially for any kids who love unusual animals.

Billy and Goat at the State Fair by Dan Yaccarino
This is a really cute and unusual friendship story. It’s a little long for story times, but would make a great bed time story. I think it would appeal to kids who love their pets (or are begging for a pet) but really any kid would enjoy it.

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