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Flannel Friday- 5 Little Flowers

I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of myself! My Monday morning 3 year old group is very small, but LOVES songs with finger puppets. We’ve already done 5 Little Fishes and 5 Little Monkeys, but I couldn’t find any other examples anybody had done. I knew I wanted a spring-themed set, so I made my own 5 Little Flowers! And, if anybody remembers my crocodile from 5 Little Monkeys, I think you’ll agree that my puppet making skills have improved:


I just used a free hand flower shape for the finger puppets and based my hand puppet on a couple ones I’ve previously made.
The rhyme goes:
5 little flowers growing in the ground
Teasing Mr. Bumblebee- we can’t be found!
Along comes Mr. Bumblebee with a bzzzing sound-
And SNAPS! that flower right out of the ground!
I know it’s not scientifically accurate for bees to snap flowers out of the ground, but this group of 3 year olds are just so excited something to snap a finger puppet off their hands that I couldn’t resist. Let me know if you have any questions- or any ideas for more finger puppet sets!

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