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Flannel Friday: Five Little Apples

Storytimes have only been over for a week, and I already miss them so much that I made a finger puppet set for the summer session. I loved the idea a past commenter had about their five little apples rhyme, but for the life of me I could not make a worm puppet look like anything but something which should never be seen at storytime. So, I switched to a horse:

5 little apples

The song goes:

Five little apples growing in a tree

Teasing Mr. Horse- you can’t catch me!

Along comes Mr. Horse, as quiet as can be

And SNAPS! that apple right out of that tree!

I just used some apple clipart to make the finger puppets and a past hand puppet as a model for the horse. I think it will be a big hit at summer storytimes and I’m also pleased with how much better my puppet making has gotten- I might have to remake my crocodile/snake from the Five Little Monkeys set. Thanks for visiting!


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