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Flannel Friday- 5 Melting Snowmen

This felt board has been on my back burner since May, and I was so excited that I finally got around to making it! I used the technique found on Miss Sarah’s Storytime combined with modified lyrics found here. I’m really looking forward to fitting it into as many storytimes as I can in the next few months-


Five little snowmen made out of snow

Five little snowmen standing in a row

Out came the sun and stayed all day

One little snowman melted away!

(Repeat until all the snowmen have “melted”)


*The technique is described well at the link listed above, but it is essentially a free-standing felt board with secret holes poked through the cardboard and felt behind the snowmen. Strings glued to the backs of the snowmen feed through the holes and pulling on them makes each snowman “melt”. I added small tabs to the ends of each string so they can’t be pulled through the holes (and the tabs match the colors on each snowman’s hat).


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