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Non-Fiction Picturebooks (Everything Else!)

Here are more non-fiction picturebooks which I loved reading, but didn’t fit into my Non-Fiction Picturebooks for Storytime list or my Non-Fiction Picturebook Biographies list. Once again, they’re all fantastic and worth checking out, but I put stars next to my favorites. Enjoy!


The Incredible Life of Balto (2011) by Meghan McCarthy


I (Don’t) Like Snakes (2015) by Nicola Davies, illus. by Luciano Lozano


The Secret Subway (2016) by Shana Corey, illus. by Red Nose Studio


The Navajo Code Talkers (2016) by J. Patrick Lewis, illus. by Gary Kelley


How the Sphinx Got to the Museum (2010) by Jessie Hartland


*Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear (2015) by Lindsay Mattick, illus. by Sophie Blackall


*Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas (2014) by Lynne Cox, illus. by Brian Floca


Astro the Stellar Sea Lion (2010) by Jeanne Walker Harvey, illus. by Shennen Bersani




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