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Big Kids Storytime- Welcome to the Library!

This was a bit of an odd storytime- even though it was the first week, it was also a snow day for most of our area and the roads were pretty bad for most of the afternoon. Only one family was able to make it in, but we still had a lot of fun despite the shortened playlist, and I can definitely reuse a lot of the plan that we didn’t get around to.

Hello Friends

Hello friends, hello friends

Hello friends- it’s time to say hello

Letter of the Week (L)

The letter of the week is L L L, L L L, L L L

The letter of the week is L L L and it makes the sound (insert L sound)

*After this, we thought of words that start with the letter L. We got a couple, and I think with practice we’ll get really good at it


Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the Library by Julie Glassman


Little Mouse, Little Mouse Felt Game

*To make this more library-themed (and harder for the 4 and 5 year-olds) I made extra letters and numbers and had them guess if the mouse was in the “A” house, “B” house, etc. This was still very easy, so we spent about 5 minutes talking about ways to make the game harder. My favorite idea was to put out 17 different houses, but I think I’ll probably try introducing some sight words instead- after all, we don’t have 17 different colors of felt, and I think this group is smart enough to handle some simple sight words.

The Not So Quiet Library by Zachariah Ohora


Goodbye Friends

Goodbye friends, goodbye friends

Goodbye friends- it’s time to say goodbye



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