Happy Birthday, Elephant & Piggie!

Mo Willems’ Elephant & Piggie books are hugely popular at my library, so when I realized this past March was the tenth anniversary of the first Elephant & Piggie book being published, I thought a birthday party would be a great idea! My coworker and I put this event together on a Thursday night for 3 to 6 year-olds and it lasted for 30 minutes. That ended up being the perfect age group and time, although if we did something similar again, I might open it up to include 7 year-olds. Here’s how it happened:


We started with reading I Am Invited to a Party! and singing Happy Birthday to Elephant & Piggie:


Then we rotated through a variety of stations:


We had a couple last minute cancellations, but still had a ton of fun. Kids were big fans of the Gerald and Piggie themed cupcakes and Pin the Hat on Piggie was a huge hit. The birthday card we signed is on its way to Mo Willems’ as we speak so we hope he enjoys it. The fun fact we included inside was that our library owns 165 copies of different Elephant & Piggie books, and put together they’ve been checked out almost 9,000 times!


If you’re looking for more Elephant & Piggie fun, Mo Willems’ blog (Mo Willems Doodles!) has a ton of fun activities and links to games, books, and more. I hope you love Elephant & Piggie as much as we do here!


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