Big Kids · storytime

Big Kids Storytime- Community Helpers

Hello Friends

Hello friends, hello friends

Hello friends- it’s time to say hello!

Letter of the Week

The letter of the week is L L L, L L L, L L L

The letter of the week is L L L and it makes the sounds elll

*We didn’t actually get around to singing the letter of the week song this week because we had already thought of some great L words. They included: love, lion, legs, lights, and more.


Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat felt game

*I don’t have a photo of this game, but a coworker of mine made several felt hats (cowboy, police, chef, fire fighter, etc.) and I hid a small felt cat under one. We then tried to find which hat the cat was wearing/which job she was doing à la “Little Mouse, Little Mouse”

Kitty cat, kitty cat

Are you under the [cowboy] hat?

The Police Cloud by Christoph Niemann


Police Officer, Police Officer, Who Do You See?

*Also no picture for this one, but I used some clipart of different community helpers I found online and one by one we guessed who each one was.

Police officer, police officer, who do you see?

I see a firefighter looking at me!

Firefighter, firefighter, who do you see?

I see a chef looking at me!

And so on until the helpers were gone

Go! Go! Go! Stop! by Charise Mericle Harper


Stop Says the Red Light

Stop says the red light

Go says the green

Wait just a minute now says yellow in between

(learned from Jbrary’s YouTube page)

Red Light/Green Light

*I made a paper traffic light and we played “red light, green light”. It was too muddy to play outside, so we ran in place and froze for red lights and ran in slow motion for yellow. It was still lots of fun.

Whose Hands are These? by Miranda Paul


*This book was GREAT. The kids in this group are always begging to be “tricked” and while most guessing-type books are easy for them, this one got them! It includes fun jobs like potter, physician, and architect mixed with more common ones like teacher and farmer. The rhyming gives good clues, but it did lead to a long discussion about whether or not artist and architect rhyme. We finally settled on architects being like artists and that seemed good enough.

Goodbye Friends

Goodbye friends, goodbye friends

Goodbye friends- it’s time to say goodbye!


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